These oil paintings are direct, organically-conceived, synaesthetic experiences. They reflect my unique vision of the world, bearing witness to a rich inner life lived amidst recurring alarms from the mass media. These paintings mirror and mediate my struggle toward higher levels of cognition, communication, and humanitarianism.
This series of images describes particular geographical catastrophes, both “acts of God” and acts of men who boast that they are servants of God. It links the fates of Sri Lankan tsunami victims and Gulf Coast flood residents with those of Iraqi and other war torn civilians in acknowledging humankind’s shared vulnerability. These works investigate the global consequences of our failings, the byproducts of our troubled evolution. They blend landscape, figuration, and abstraction to produce signposts for a millennium that has seen much of its optimism vanish. They represent the “state of the Union” without shallow soundbites or appeals for sycophantic applause. They are my way of deciphering and confronting the challenges that face our species.