Through the Looking Glass is a project that came about while studying at City College in San Francisco. I had to develop a series of photographs for my final project in a class. As always with my photography I thought of my grandfather for inspiration. My grandfather, Billy, encouraged me to explore photography and to explore the world. He gave me my first camera and sent me out into the world with my first roll of film. He encouraged me to shoot, shoot, and shoot more until I knew what I liked shooting. I have learned through my constant shooting that Billy will always play a large roll in my love of photography. This series, Through The Looking Glass, is a tribute to Billy Selman and the hobby he loved so much, photography.

The series started because I wanted to introduce my grandfather to my family, my life, and my photography through his camera and my camera combined. Therefore, I came up with the idea to shoot with both cameras, as if Billy and I could combine our eyes and images in one frame.

These images are all images that are meaningful to me, either because they are people I love, places I have loved visiting in other countries, or they are places I see everyday in my life in Alameda. These are all things I want Billy to see and know about in my life.

Billy, this is a gift to you and I hope to have enjoyed traveling with me on this journey. The journey continues and I cannot wait to shoot more with you!